Monday, 11 July 2011

Still here - plugging away!

mainly sunny, hot, temps 29

Beautiful day...sunny, hot and humid - though clouding over a bit now. thunder storms forecast.

My brother, Dog, dropped by for a short visit. Just overnight. always such fun having him here. And I think, given Lucy's unexpected loss, that added a layer of gratitude. That I could still hug my brother. And laugh with him and tell him things few others would be interested in. And see him and Michael kid each other, and be so comfortable together.

We called back and forth to Regina, where our other brother, Rob and his wife Audi live. We're trying to arrange the annual family reunion for Thanksgiving. We think we'll rent a home in or around Niagara-on-the-lake. Beautiful community in Ontario, close to Niagara Falls.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your support of Lucy. I know how much she, and her family, have appreciated it. And I appreciate it too. thank you.

Sorry for the blog silence. Feeling a little overwhelmed right now. With the editing, and the need to keep up a certain pace so that I'll be finished before I go on tour. And all sorts of great things happening, but each demanding time and attention. Teresa Chris, my agent, has just sold the books to be translated into Greek, Taiwan (Chinese), Portuguese (bringing the total to 20 languages)- but most of these countries need complex tax forms filled out and stamped by Canadian tax authorities and sent on.

That takes time. And who really likes paperwork???

So many things have come as a surprise in having a writing career. Most very, very good. The magnificent friends I've made...the people I've met. You. And the excitement that never diminishes in having a manuscript accepted....and then, that magical day of holding it in my hands. Wow.

but it can also be a bit overwhelming. Right now, as I seem to race toward the fall tour, I want to finish the book. And not just finish - but make it as wonderful as I can. So I find I need to stop and go back, and go over, and add, and adjust....then move forward. And it always takes far more time than I expect. I had a thought today about how to make a scene better about 20 pages tomorrow I'll go back and redo it. sort of like ripping the knitting out. Painful - but if you want a creation you're proud of, that will forever be associated with you - then it is necessary.

Michael and I stayed in Montreal after James Hoblyn's funeral - figuring getting over the bridges on a friday afternoon would not be pleasant. So we over-nighted at the apartment, woke up at 5:15am - drove to Sutton (bridges a dream) - and met Gary and Cheryl for breakfast at Le Cafetier.

Susan's at the guest cottage, so we went over there for dinner Saturday and she came over here for drinks and a swim yesterday before doug arrived.

The Knowlton literary festival, called WordFest is this coming weekend...I'll tell you more about it in the next post - I hope.

sort of a scattered post - but lots to catch up on.


mgk said...

Regarding ebooks. In Canada, eh.

I would like to preorder A trick of the light as an ebook. B&N has it in the US. Nada in Canada. Is there any GOOD news on the ebook front? Or do I have to bootleg a copy? I am still buying the CAN hardcover, too!

Anonymous said...

Actually, i have preordered A Trick of the Light many weeks ago on, kindle edition.d-

Anonymous said...

And may i add, as publisher and friend of many authors that, erm, no, a bootleg would not be a good idea...

Dana said...

I also have never had a problem ordering from I use them and
What I would like to do is order copies of the books from for German relatives.

mgk said...

Not on Only US. And kindle books do not work on my eReader. And vice versa. Barnes & Noble has ebook. NO Canadian rights. As I said - I would prefer not to bootleg. So, what are my options? I have contacted the publisher, asking about Canadian rights. No reply, so far. Any other ideas?

Reine said...


I am so sad to hear of Lucy's loss of her brother James and will write to her and Danny. They are lovely people, extraordinarily helpful and kind. I feel I know them, too.



Shelagh said...

Love that you inadvertently called Doug "Dog". Somehow it seems appropriate given Buttercup! N-O-L is a fantastic choice for your Thanksgiving reunion. I love it, and October will be a good time to be there - no crowds. Good luck with all the paperwork. Don't envy you that. Hugs, Shelagh

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi, MGK - about ebooks - the problem isn't with my publisher, its with, which has no kindle books available. Not just mine, but none.

I’ve checked up on this, and all of our Louise Penny books are available in Canada (the Kindle store is still not running from .ca), along with iBooks and Kobobooks (along with a few other smaller retailers).

Hope that helps....

good luck.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all -

forgot to mention the info above came from the publisher, when I queried them about this a few months ago.

thanks for all your support - I love your comments.