Thursday, 7 July 2011

James Hoblyn - 46

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We came in to Montreal to be at the funeral of James Hoblyn.

Neither Michael nor I ever met him. Nor have we met his wife, Josee, or his three daughters, Emilie, Charlotte and Ashley. Nor have we met his brother, Thomas.

But we know and love James' sister, Lucy.

Lucy and her husband Danny own and run Brome Lake Books in Knowlton. Many of you have spoken to Lucy on the phone, arranging for Vive Gamache mugs, or signed books. And I know how much Lucy and Danny love the contacts and have grown to feel many of you have become friends.

In fact, Danny and their youngest son, Ben, were at our place having a swim and drinks by the pool on Sunday, before they got the news.

James Hoblyn was 46. An executive at Bombardier. He was training for a marathon. He was adored by his daughters and loved by his wife. And he died of a massive heart attack.

I honestly can't speak to how many friends he had, but if he's like Lucy, he had a whole village full of friends. What I do know is that Knowlton convulsed when it heard. With pain. for one of their daughters, in such pain.

If you're one of the many people who have corresponded with Danny and Lucy - or spoken to them - perhaps you can email again. A word of kindness. and support. I know it often seems there's so little to be said in the face of such grief. But we all know how deeply meaningful it is to feel that support. Even from relative strangers. Every bit of kindness helps.

their email is:


Jan J. said...

Such a sad thing. My father died at 43 and it is awful. I have never ordered from them but sent them a note of condolence.

Anne-Marie W. said...

Devastating news for the family and friends left behind - and his children will always miss him. My father passed away 23 years ago and there are days where the sorrow becomes tangible; a smell, a song, a look...some man quickly seen in a passing car who looks like him...we cannot understand the depth of their sorrow - we can only promise to walk with them for a while....

lil Gluckstern said...

How very sad. He was so young..I will contact Lucy at Brome Lake books. I still remember our conversation about you, your books, and the mug.

mgk said...

I saw the full page notice in the G&M, and I thought 'How sad'. Then I read your words and I felt such sorrow for them all. Much synpathy.