Tuesday, 5 July 2011


mainly sunny, hot, temps 29

Beautiful day! Lots of deer flies...annoying little bug***s.

I spent the last two days (one night) at the spa Eastman, to celebrate our friend Louise's 50th birthday. We had a blast. Massages, walks. A lecture last night on reflexology. This morning Louise helped me practice for two french interviews today. A TV interview - which was very fun, but very stressful - and a radio interview, with Radio Canada - with two other authors, Johanne Seymour and Andre Jacques. Both write crime fiction. So that was easier...others to take the burden.

enjoyed both a great deal! One of the great things at this spa is that there were no TV's or phones in the rooms, and guests were asked (told) not to use cell phones, laptops or blackberries in the public areas. Unbelievably relaxing to not even see them. But - for the first time ever - I forgot my blackberry at home...and so had no way to contact Michael, since there were no phones in the rooms! Luckily Louise has a cell and she lent it to me. So a couple of calls a day...a nighty-night and a good morning.

Felt very strange.

This afternoon I headed home to Michael and the chaos. It actually wasn't chaos, it just appeared that way. the geo-thermal is going in and I have to say, it's not exactly like a calm walk through the forest. there were two massive earth diggers, men laying piping, others draining our old oil tanks and others removing the old furnace - to be donated to a family who needs one. Poor Michael was here all day yesteday and reported that it was extremely stressful. I arrived home mid-afternoon and immediately lost all benefits from the spa.

It was seeing our beautiful lawns dug up, And the noise. Wow, does that wear fast. Still, there was nothing we could do except trust. And by 7pm, the diggers had left, having filled in the holes and leveled the earth. Quiet was restored. And phil and rob were working in the basement, to get it all hooked-up.

We were hoping to be finished today - but something sprang a leak and they realized they just couldn't finish tonight. So they went off to the guest cottage - and now I finally get a chance to sit down and write you.

You know, this is all wonderful...but when we yearn for peace and quiet and find both shattered, it gnaws away. Still, I'm very lucky to have good friends to celebrate birthdays with...and the chance to go to a spa. And the chance to put in geo-thermal.

Tomorrow it's back to editing. had some thoughts while away. I think they'll work. We'll see.

Oh, Danny and Lucy at Brome Lake Books are having some trouble with their computers and other stuff - so if you're trying to order the vive gamache mugs and either haven't heard back or are waiting for them, they asked me to ask if you'd mind holding tight for a few days until things get sorted out. They also asked me to tell you not to worry - they'll get to all the emails and orders and the mugs will be sent out asap.

we're starting up the geo-thermal tomorrow morning....I'll let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed!!!


Maryse said...

Hello Louise
I'd only like to know on which tv channel and which radio the interviews were. I usually listen to Radio-Canada but today, since I was writing, I had a classical music cd then kept it silent for a while. I hope I didn't miss the interview

I invited you to my "french" blog. I hope you got the invitation and that the link was working.

rapa said...

Was your lovely new rose bed disturbed by the geothermal installation?

H. L. Banks said...

Happy belated birthday! Geo thermal heating - another home gone green, awesome. Good luck with the edit.

A Novel Woman said...

When you feel that lovely cool air on one of our muggy days, you will be happy you put up with the bit of chaos. (But I'm with you. I get so uptight when there are workers banging and digging in or around the house. Writers need peace and solitude like others need air.)

darlene said...

I feel your stress; I've just had my old oil tank removed. Never used it but I was stuck to remove it because it's mandatory in BC to remove them and any contaminated soil around them. I was lucky in that only 13.79 tonnes (!) of soil had to go with the old tank, which translates to just that soil in which the tank "nested", as(I'm told)they say in the industry.

Now my old deck, under which the tank used to lie, is being replaced and it will be so much better when it's finished. It's just so difficult having all the noise and upset for weeks on end, but this too shall pass.

I wish I could be getting a new furnace, too. Maybe next year.