Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Teresa Chris - lit agent

many sunny, cool, temps about freezing

Drain unclogged. Loved your thoughts on what message the universe might be sending. Bill (one of the readers) suggested next time I get a clog I send baking soda down after it, with a lemon juice chaser. As it was, we sent Gary down, and he found a huge plug in the basement.

All fixed.

the fun news today is that my literary agent, Teresa Chris, who is in London, now has a website.

It's a terrific site, and she's among the best in the world. She also specializes in finding new talent, and even in taking previously published authors in the doldrums and taking them to the next level. She loves a challenge and a success story. Sooo - if you're a writer looking for an agent, try Teresa. She also has sub-agents all over the world!

Must run - things are hectic again. How does this happen? But, as some of you have pointed out, better than a life where nothing happens. I've had that too. This is definitely better.

Oh, in other news, Hovey Manor had a fire! This was a few months back, when we were in St Lucia. But they're re-opening for real (they've been semi-opened since) this coming weekend...Sunday. And they have loads of specials. Now's a great time to visit!

Be well - speak soon!!


John said...

Glad to hear your drains are unclogged; I will take that as a metaphor for the unclogging of your writing pathways!! :-) Keep at it; you are awesome!!


mary said...

Do our homes reflect its inhabitants? I hope your writing becomes "unplugged". Love your blog.

Marni said...

Louise, you must NOT have been wearing your crown when you last did the dishes; that was the problem. It didn't recognize whom it was dealing with!
Glad it's unclogged and hope that translates to the book as well.

Anonymous said...

If the book is still clogged, try baking soda and a lemon chaser. Trust me. I am a nurse.

Annie in rochester

darlene said...

So glad to hear all is now unplugged, unblocked, free of gunk and running clear. Sounds like the ultimate in spring cleaning.

Wow, Louise, the name of your agent! Are you sure that is okay? What a gift. Merci beaucoup!

Diane said...

No offence but your home life is hilarious!

How generous to share the name of your agent. Composing my query letter as soon as I sign off. Thanks!

Dana said...

Great newsletter this month. So much information. Hope none of it is an Alpri Fool's prank, or are you pasting fish on the backs of unsuspecting friends?

Cyndy said...

Congrats on your award...good Karma. Would trade it for a clogged drain any day. You mentioned an energy audit. Geothermal systems are gaining popularity sister has had one for several years...and those pipes do not clog or burst! Cheers!

mary said...

I read you newsletter. How exciting about the books going on TV. If Robert Di Niro isn't available to play Gamache, how about Christopher Timothy? And what does an Executive Producer do?

Ruthie from NH said...

I'm so excited about the tv films for your books. Glad you held out for those who are familiar with the books. I like the Bones tv show, but love the books more. The lead character is the only one from Reichs' books-----and the only thing they kept the same was the character's name. So, keep close guard on your Three Pines people.
Oh, could you maybe in your next book include a little map of Three Pines? I like little maps that show where homes/ places are in relation to others.

Diane said...

What a delightful surprise - Three Pines on TV - and you an Executive keeping a close eye on those beloved characters!

Dana's remark gave me a jolt but I'm hoping not; so, any word on who will be taking on the leads? I remember us putting our two cents worth in a long while ago - fun!

Congrats - those congrats keys are getting worn out on my keyboard now with all your wonderful triumphs.

Rebecca said...

The Invasion of Britain, 2011: at our local library today, 'Bury your Dead' was prominently displayed on the 'new books' stand.

All the accolades are so deserved, a wonderful book. Hope the new one is going well, you're an inspiration and thanks for sharing the ups, downs and whoops-a-daisies with us.