Thursday, 17 March 2011


sunny, mild, perhaps even warm, temps 11

Yes, 11. Above zero. Celcius. On St. Patrick's day. The traditional storm did not materialize. It feels and smells like spring. And you can see the buds in the garden, right beside snow. But, if you turn around in our garden you see...snow banks 6 feel high.

It all depends on perspective, and perception.

I've decided spring is here...though we're not breaking out the culottes just yet.

Our friend, the amazing Nancy, wrote to us today - about her springtime memories of Eastern Townships roads...

When my kids were young and I piled the three of them in the car (to pick up
their father after work on Fridays)we had to travel the Bromont road. There
were 5 cahoos all in a road and we all yelled "CAHOOOOO" for each one !!
They still do it and they're 30, 32, and 34 !!!!

Had a funny day writing. Tough spot in the manuscript. Have to balance the demands of character development and drama with believable and appropriate behavior. Of course, this is true throughout the book, but there are specific parts in each manuscript which are more challenging. A balancing act. And still needing to drive the plot forward.

Happily, once I get over my fear with a nice hot cross bun, the writing goes well. And I have to keep reminding myself that the point is not to get it right at this approximation will do. Will get closer in subsequent drafts.

Our great friend Joan is home after 7 weeks in hospital. They're still not sure what she had - but suspect it was in the meningitis family. Terribly worrisome. We could have all used Dr. House. But now she's home and we visited yesterday and she is amazingly well. She'll be celebrating her 79th birthday next Wednesday. And is as vibrant as ever.

My new drug of choice is (besides the comfort of old drugs like gummi bears and hot cross buns) DVD's of the old Mary Tyler Moore show. My god, they're still hilarious! Especially Lou Grant...but really, all of them. One of the shows from the 70's that has worn well, in my opinion.

an easy place to park a tired brain.

Of course, our focus continues to be on events around the world.


Marjorie said...

I am convinced the cahooooos is someone trying to scream "car holes!!!!" while driving over them at the same time.

I agree that "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" holds up very well. You believe that Lou and Mary and Murray and Ted and Rhoda (and even Phyllis) are all real folks and form a community of their own. Reminds me of Three Pines, sans the bodies.

--Marjorie from CT

Liz said...

Spring here too (posted photos of the ice breakup on Lake Ontario on my blog today). We are obviously of an age, since I too have happy memories of Mary Tyler Moore, although Mary always seemed too much a goody-two-shoes for my taste--Rhoda appealed more. On the topic of mystery writing, I'm working my way through Stuart Pawson's DI Priest mysteries and wondering if you know them.

martha said...

I totally understand your friend Joan's plight. My husband was in and out of ERs for FOUR years. They never found out what he had, attributed it to some kind of "neurological syndrome" (every time they say "syndrome" it is because they don't have any idea what it is) Fortunately, he is better now with the help of holistic doctors, and he'll be 80 in November.

As for myself, I have also been through the medical system for one year and eight months, after having had my thyroid removed because of papillary cancer. They still have not been able to find the right medication dosage. I'll be 77 this year, and some of my former students cannot believe that I have no energy whatsoever. They remember me as a little "ant", always running around.

I hope your characters don't have these problems, and if they do, they can solve them. Dear old Gamache is there to help. Please send him our way...

And let's also hope you continue writing and taking us away form this wretched state of affairs into the warmth of Three Pines, its environs, and its inhabitants.

(Please forgive the length of this comment. I sit down to write and I get carried away! Fortunately, there is the “delete” key...)

Debbie said...

my comfort show is M*A*S*H* Even though it is still on TV I got the boxed set for Christmas a few years ago so I will still be able to watch it if they take it off the air.

Glad your friend is out of the hospital. She will have a great birthday now that she is home.

lil Gluckstern said...

Comfort to all of you. It's a hard time in the world right now. Hot Cross Buns and M*A*S*H sound good to me. My comfort is Masterpiece Mystery. Elegant, like Gamache.

Miss Diane said...

Les trois ourses de l'Écomuseum de Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue sont sorties de leur tannière la semaine dernière pour annoncer le printemps. Ils seraient en avance de 2 semaines.

A Novel Woman said...

The robins are singing their little hearts out. It is almost spring, isn't it?

I loved Mary Tyler Moore, and also Upstairs/Downstairs on Masterpiece Theatre back when Alistair Cooke introduced it. That was my official study break while at university. And The Duchess of Duke Street!

Just Jane said...

One of my all-time favorite MT episodes is the one where Peanut the Clown has died after being stepped on by an elephant. Gets me in my funny bone and heart every time. Belly laughs... good for my soul.

Leslie Angel said...

We called cahooos "thank-you-ma'ams" -- anyone else? M*A*S*H is another of my favorite comfort reruns--also Northern Exposure. Again, a Three Pines type of society.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all - love your thoughts - and so many MASH fans - what fun. I also loved Upstairs downstairs. have you seen Downton Abbey - the latest from Britain. Addictive.

Miss Diane - good to hear about the bears in the ecosphere...we have some around here. I guess we need to start being careful.

Martha - so sorry to hear about your own health concerns...I hope they get it under control.

And love that, Leslie, you call cahooos 'thank you ma'ams'! As in 'wham bam..."?

Liane said...

I loved the Mary Tyler Moore shows too; so many great characters. I think part of the appeal for me was that it was set in Minnesota.
I can't believe you are having spring before ND does. I think of Canada as north of us, forgetting that part of it dips south for a while as it continues to the east. Wonder if cahoos are what we call "washboard roads"
around here? Fun to be talking or singing as you drive over those!