Friday, 18 March 2011

Aline Templeton

overcast, mild, temps plus 4 - and very windy - which is great because it melt the snow faster

I was going to take a photograph of the mud in our driveway...great lakes of it. But then I realized everyone knows what mud looks like and you sure don't need to look at Quebec mud.

We have moved from the snow balls in Trudy's hair season to the mud all over her legs season. God help us if she runs into the house ahead of us. We spend the next ten minutes wiping down the floor.

Such a riot - I can hear Michael laughing and laughing on the phone. speaking to his cousin Marjorie, in elora, Ontario. Fun to hear such laughter.

Writing going well. 16-hundred words today. I went to sleep worried that something was off with what I'd written yesterday - and then I realized I needed to bring in another point of view. As soon as I thought that two things happened - I felt great relief at having solved the niggling anxiety...but also felt annoyance at having to undo what I'd done. But when I got to the computer this morning and started writing I realized I could weave the two together, and it would be even more effective.

I hope.

Had to stop now because I was getting tired, and a little confused. Fresh eyes tomorrow.

Mostly, though, I wanted to tell you about this fabulous crime writer named Aline Templeton. As you know, I rarely push other authors - not because I don't want to, or love their writing, but because the blog would be in danger of me appearing to be a sales rep for my friends. And all you'd get is sales pitches.

So I stay away from that, for the most part. With some the work of Ann Cleeves and Deborah Crombie and Julia Spencer-Fleming and a few others. Well, I want to add another to the list. Someone you probably haven't heard of.

The magnificent Aline Templeton. Like Ann Cleeves, Aline's books are set in Scotland. They're Christie-esque whodunnits, with modern twists and times. Not cozy at all - but traditional. And smart. And atmospheric.

They're set in beautiful Galloway in south-west Scotland, a place of seascapes, lochs, hills and forests but where there is also rural deprivation, unemployment and the struggle of all small communities to preserve their unique qualities in the modern world.

They're a little hard to find in North America, but worth the effort. You might put in a request at your local libraries - or at an Independent Mystery Poisoned Pen (which I know sells her books) and Aunt Agathas - Robin was looking into getting Aline's latest in. Murder by the Book in Houston and Mystery Lovers Bookstore can always order. and Sleuth of Baker Street in Toronto carries a fabulous collection of British crime novels. Aline's books are also available at

Aline's latest is called Cradle to Grave - you might have just noticed the book cover. It comes out at the end of March. You might also want to check out her website:

Off to walk trudy through the mud - then hose down the house. It's a full life.


Gayle said...

Please continue to share your writer friends with us who love and adore you, Ms. Penny! I continue to recommend your books to my friends who love intelligent writing. I am looking forward to reading Aline Templeton as I also love your other favorite writers. Gayle B

Margaret J. McMaster said...

I find recommendations like this very helpful so I've put a copy on order. I also like the Scottish writer, Kate Atkinson.

Karen said...

Thank you so much for reminding me of how great an author aline Templeton is. Must try to find her new book, though it may be a challenge down here in rural Washington State. Will check the local independent book store. Thanks again and if you do take photos of your mud, please post it! We don't get a lot of mud, or mud puddles here in our sandy scruffy wide open deserty area, and mud can look quite wonderful at times! Also, don't forget to watch for the Super Moon (a perigee full moon) tomorrow! Very atmospheric, for romance or murder!

suzy said...

Since all your recomendations happen to be spot on I will be ordering her book(s) soon. Thanks!

Vicki Delany said...

Aline is going to be the new blogger at Type M for Murder. She will post for the first time on Monday March 28th and will blog from then on on the last Monday of every month. We'd love it if you can stop by and say hi. Vicki Delany. Here's the link:

Deborah Crombie said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Louise. There's no one I'd rather be recommended by (not the best grammar, but you know what I mean . . .) than you, my friend.

And I will look up Aline straightaway!

lil Gluckstern said...

I just ordered the first of the series-I'm compulsive about reading series in order,Thank you for the recommendation. I like the Scottish writers whose books make it here. glad your writing is progressing.

Ovidia said...

Thanks for the ref--so far have enjoyed all your 'introductions' so I'll be getting it from Amazon!

sidnee said...

Thank goodness for my new smart cell phone with it's handy memo app now I will actually have the names of the authors when I GO to the bookstore instead of humming and umming. Thank goodness, also, for my beloved grand daughter Taylor age 15 who taught me how to USE the darn phone!!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for recommendation, like other folks here, always grateful for your well-considered suggestions.

BTW, forget Times Best Seller, a much bigger acolade has come your way (or did you know already?). You know how in bookshops they mark the shelves with well-known authors to help short- (or maybe that should be long-) sighted browsers find their way around the shelves? (So Agatha Chrsitie would take you to the C's, and so on.) The Incomparable Heffers (yes in hitherto Penny-ignorant UK) does indeed have Agatha Christie to take you to the C's, and Dorothy L. Sayers for the S's... and so on. But somewhere in between is a shelf marked Louise Penny. Now that is fame.

Diane said...

Thank you for your recommendation. I followed up with Ann Cleeves, Deborah Crombie and Julia Spencer-Fleming and was not disappointed. I'm going to track this new author down and like someone else said in their comments, I will start with the first.

Lisa May said...

I was in Houston's Murder by the Book today (where the staff's enthusiastic recommendations introduced me to your books) and mentioned your blog post - unfortunately I'd forgotten the name of the author!

Philip said...

Dear Louise,

Thanks for the tip on Aline Templeton. I found her books on Phil

A Novel Woman said...

What fun! New authors, new books! I've placed an order for some of each, like a big tray of antipasti waiting for me, whoo hoo!

Jodi said...

Thanks for the tip about Aline (your recommendations are always spot on).

Sadly, my library has them - but they don't circulate!