Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Chez Louise

Partly cloudy, very mild, temps 13

Freakishly mild...quite disconcerting. Though I'm hoping real winter holds off until after our travels next week. heading to Arizona for a day - flying out Monday...then on to Rochester, and flying back Friday. Going out of Burlington, Vermont...so hoping for good weather. But, we get what we get.

Went for breakfast to Cowansville, then to the bank...some banking business, including having to get a new bank card, since mine was stolen in London. From there we went to the office that arranges for driver's licences and the Quebec Health Card. We were a little afraid they'd say we have to go to Montreal for something as unusual as having the cards stolen, but they didn't. Couldn't have been easier! So now almost all the cards, and definitely the important ones, are looked after.

Read 140 pages of a manuscript someone sent...in front of the fireplace. Returned emails. Had a bath.

Oh, the dinner last night was terrific. All edible. No one vomited. As you see, the standards at Chez Louise are not exactly Micheline starred...but they suit us.

We're debating cars. Our friend drives a subaru, and a couple people wrote in to also suggest it...but they don't have a hybrid yet, as far as I know. AWD, yes, and good fuel economy...but would still prefer a hybrid. So we'll see. fortunately we needn't make a decision quickly.

BMW - the car we're about to turn in after 3 years - is not to our taste. It was a kind of dream of ours - see what a real luxury car felt like. And I have to say, the drive was wonderful. But the on-board computer took 2 people to operate - was very unwieldy...read reviews and many people complain about it. Needlessly complex. But mostly, it was the service that disappointed. As you might have gathered, we're big ones for good service. Willing to (and have)overlooked many flaws if people are considerate and kind. But at our BMW the service was horrendous. Apparently they're quite famous for bad service too. Acura, our former car maker, was fabulous, so perhaps our expectations were high.

So the plan now is to get rid of both cars, and simplify. Go for one nice vehicle that is kind and courteous to the environment.

Quiet day tomorrow!!! No one and nothing, except reading. Hoping to finish the manuscript tomorrow...and start in on the final polish of my own before sending it off - I hope before heading to Phoenix. Also need to write the December newsletter. And the article for the Globe.

Still, best to just do the one thing in front of me, and not worry about all the others.

Hope you're well - I imagine many of you are preparing for Thanksgiving! How fun that always sounds...great food, family, football games (Michael and I actually adore football - he'll often watch a game Sunday afternoon/evening).


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

(Loved "Chez Louise")!

You can't go wrong with a Honda! We've had 5; still have 3 in the family. One we drive around town has 240,000 miles on it - a 1997 CRV,and still going strong.

Enjoy your precious days of rest.

Hugs, Shelagh

whalewatcher said...

I agree Hondas are good cars. I believe they have a hybrid, but I don't know anything about it.
Recently purchased a Toyota Corolla and it gets very good gas mileage, however would have liked to go for their hybrid - Prius, but that price and I live too far apart.
It is supposed to get great mileage and be environmentally friendly.
A whole day of reading....aahh....enjoy.

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

Since I don't own a car anymore, I have nothing to recommend. It's good that you want a hybrid. Hope you find something that you and Michael both want.

I'm glad your chicken turned out okay. I don't have a clay pot to cook in. Maybe I'll buy one.

Our Thanksgiving is going to be very low key this year.


Cece said...

Lucky you with your card replacements-so often it is "let's see how complicated we can make this for you...)
Hope Michael has time to settle in for the Thursday football. Our meal time is of course tailored around said games.
I was all set to put in a plug for Volvos-we have owned several and they seem to last forever, to the dismay of non-grateful teenage inheritors...although I maintain old volvos do have a certain cachet. Volvos are sturdy yet comfortable and safe, and we get good gas mileage as well. And we get great service, which, as you mentioned, is all the dealership. But then you mentioned hybrid. They are supposedly adding some hybrid tech to the 2010s, but not a vehicle that can be labeled hybrid. bummer.
The cartalk guys like Hondas and Subarus.

lil Gluckstern said...

Hi Louise,

This day before thanksgiving is like the quiet before the storm. I hear it's the busiest grocery shopping day of the year. I'm with your other bloggers as regards the Honda. I'm on my second and it is still chugging along. Your Acura was actually owned by Honda and shares its great reputation. I haven't heard anything specifically about the Hybrid, but I can't imagine it would be bad. I heard from a friend that the BMW service people often act like they're doing you a favor, so you are well out of it. Your trip sounds busy so your quiet days seem nice. Enjoy your bath, and Trudy, and Michael, not necessarily in that order.

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the advice. I totally agree about Honda. I've had a couple myself and my mother drove one for years. Will look into them. I think the hybrid thing would be great but really I;m beginning to understand that gas milage is really the most important.

The search is fun. Lexus has something that is both an all-wheel drive (necessary in our terrain and weather) and a hybrid. Sadly Michael might have to get back his paper route if we are to afford it. But, you never know. leasing's an option I suppose, and tax deductible.

It does feel good to simplify. Even if it's only in our minds right now. I think aquisitions are for the young.