Friday, 13 November 2009

Afternoon Tea....again!?

cloudy, lots of rain, very mild temps 16

Teeming rain today. Poor Michael went out to get the papers while I edited and came back drenched.

Quiet day...decided to go back 200 pages and smooth out and read the delicate thread in Bury Your Dead. Very worthwhile. It also made it clear where to add the new scene. then moved forward.

Have 20 pages to go - hope to finish Sunday.

Went out for afternoon tea to a wonderful little hotel on Basil Street, behind Harrods. It's called the Capital Hotel...not, I think, a very promising name...but a beautiful hotel. The tea was a suggestion of Erika. The room where tea is served only has about five tables. It feels like a study, with bookcases...and silk lined walls. Very fresh feeling and intimate and comfortable.

Yummy tea. I had Rose Petal Gong Yu.

Actually skipped the sandwiches and pastry stage. Wasn't hungry. But am now so we have reservations at an oyster bar on Sloane Street in half an hour. Not a bad way, all in all, to spend a Friday.

Tomorrow we're off early to catch the train from Liverpool Street to take us to Norwich and John's funeral.

All in all not a great way to spend a day - but we're sure glad to be here for it.

Must head off...probably won't blog tomorrow...won't be home until late. But will speak to you on Sunday. Hope you have a good weekend.


lil Gluckstern said...

Your days are so rich with new and creative experiences. There is always something you're doing. Saturday may be difficult, but again speaks to your wonderful way of connecting with people, and what good friends you and Michael are. My thoughts are with you.

Dana said...

Thinking of you and Michael this Saturday morning. Frost on the ground and fog rolling off the lake. By now your Saturday is half finished and I hope it was a comforting service for you and John's family.

Louise Penny Author said...

Dear Lil and Dana,

Thank you so much. You really are so kind.