Monday, 23 November 2009

chicken in the oven, and frost on the grass

sunny, heavy frost, temps rising to 8

Gorgeous day...all day. But this morning was particularly brilliant. Heavy covered in it. But as the sun rises and moves across the property the frost melts so that at any stage there is partial green of the grass and sparlking white of the frost. Wonderful to walk across the grass in the morning, before it melts.

Went into the village to do some mailing and pick up some groceries. George Easter, the editor of Deadly Pleasures Magazine, mailed me the HUGE poster from Barnes and Noble in his town of Bountiful, Utah. It promotes The Brutal Telling as their B&N Recommends. Unbelievably kind of him. So now I have it, still rolled up, and trying to decide where to put it. It will almost cover an entire wall...and while part of me wants to stick it right by the front visitors can have NO doubt...I'm afraid what they will have no doubt about is the size of the ego that lives in the house. So, since I am nothing if not retiring and bashful, I will put it where Michael and I get to see it every day.

The chicken is in the claypot. pat has made us a wonderful apple and pear crisp. Table set, fire laid and lit.

The friend who is staying next door is more like a brother than anything...I've known him for almost 30 years. So it will be very relaxing. We're in the process of getting rid of our two cars and buying one. We realize we really only need one. And we want something ultra fuel efficient or hybrid. But we also need an all-wheel drive for the winters, and something solid and stable for the long drives. And preferably not an SUV. So while were were in the UK we asked our friend if he could do some research. He's very good at that. So we'll see what he says tonight.

Must go. Am in my sweats...and while he might be like a brother I don't think I'd subject anyone other than Michael (it's too late for him, he can't escape) to the sight of me in sweats.

Be to you tomorrow. Oh, the claypot chicken does smell good.


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

I know I'm a blog day later, but if you do re-order the Vive Gamache mugs I would buy at least 3.

Bet the chicken tasted scrumptious.

Hugs, Shelagh

Louise Penny Author said...

Hi Shelagh,

Good to know! thanks. We might just!