Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Vive Gamache mugs

cloudy, mild, temps 10

Amazingly mild again today - but a grey day. Nice to sit, once again, in front of the fireplace.

Wrote the December newsletter and set up a mailing. I think our local bookstore, Brome Lake Books will be selling the Vive Gamache mugs. Indeed, I plan to take our last box over to them tomorrow. If you'd like to order some for Christmas or just because, feel free to email or call them. Their email is: and their phone number is: 450-242-2242. Not sure we've settled on a price yet...taxes and mailing etc...but hoping each will be under 15 dollars. Canadian. Am letting you know first, but I'll also be putting it on the website and newsletter in a few days. Once we figure out a price. It's really the mailing that is so difficult to predict. Interesting issues I've never considered before, but happily Lise has. Things like packaging, boxes. Oh well, I'm sure we'll (she'll) work it out.

In the meantime I'm polishing my book and reading someone else's manuscript. And doing a mailing.

tomorrow having breakfast with Joan then meeting Tim Belford for lunch in Knowlton. He's a friend, and host of the CBC Quebec City morning show. He's doing an interview with me - but we've extended it to include a social lunch. Then hope to go off to Cowansville to get the flu shot.

Friday should be another quiet day. Longing for really quiet days - without manuscripts to read and mailings to do and all that other stuff. But I suspect my life will never be totally quiet. Sometimes I think I should shut down the blackberry and computer for a few days. And perhaps I should. But I'm afraid of the hundreds of emails I'll return to.

Still - good problems to have.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to the Americans!


Shelagh said...

Dear Louise,

Thank you for making the Vive Gamache mugs available for us! I'll definitely order 2 or 3. A Christmas present for moi!!

Enjoy your next couple of relatively relaxing days before the traveling starts again, and thank you for your good wishes for our Thanksgiving tomorrow. For the first time in over 40 years I am not cooking! Going to a fabulous restaurant, in Tecumseh, Michigan, for a fabulous buffet with husband, son and daughter-in-law. Looking forward to a scrumptious time.

Hugs, Shelagh

Donna K Wisconsin said...

Dear Louise,

Will definitely get the mug(s)! And still enjoying the Leahy CD..wonderful. How can anyone sit still with that crescendo??

I definitely think you should schedule yourself a blogger's least close to the newsletter. It seems as tough many authors only relate to their readers around publishing time or at least much,much less than you.
We have goten soooo much from your daily diaries.
I have lots of energy, but your life tires me to reflect on it...ha

Well, the dogs are all excited about the turkey tomorrow.Hi Trudster.

Donna K Wisconsin

Bev Stephans said...

Dear Louise,

I have already emailed Brome Lake Books concerning the mugs. Incidentally, the store also has a website. Just Google Bromelakebooks et voila!

Yes, you should take some time off from blogging. As Donna K. said, you do far more than most authors to connect with your readers. Take some time for yourself and your family. We will all be here waiting for you.


Louise Penny Author said...

Hi all,

I think I will! Michael and I have booked 3 night at Hovey when the touring is over...mid-december. I will leave the laptop at home. Might even leave the blackberry. I mean really, it's not like I'm a surgeon on call. Far more important than that!

Beth said...

Vive Gamache mugs for sale? My Christmas Wish List has become a wish-come-true list, just like that.

in Oregon

Anonymous said...

What a delight to actually meet you last evening at the Poisoned Pen. Your humor was an unexpected surprise. Thanks for letting my dear husband take our picture and your offer to sit on your lap was almost accepted. Hope you have safe travels and that our paths will cross again soon.
Wilma Doane

printed mugs said...

Thank you for making the Vive Gamache mugs available for us! I'll definitely order 2 or 3. A Christmas present for moi!!