Sunday, 8 July 2012

The End

mainly sunny, warm (but not hot) - 25

Perfect summer day - almost no humidity, and lovely temp...25 is about 75, I think.  Warm, but, as I said, not hot.  And sure not the heat many have suffered the last few days!

And now - my big news -

I finished the first draft of book 9!!!!  God, it feels like I just barely staggered across the finish line - and I think the last couple of chapters are a little ragged....but there and done.  And there will be many more drafts.....but the main work is done.  The characters, the plot, the main structure.

I feel when I've finished the first draft the work on the book is about 75 percent done.  Now I'll take a few weeks off - and start in on the second draft.  That should take a few weeks.  Scary, because of the changes and decisions...and the fear that the first draft really is a pile of piping merde.  But, as always, once I get over the fear everything is easier.  When the second draft is done, then I'm 90 percent there.  Then, with luck, it's a matter of tuning, fine tuning, polishing.

I started this book at the beginning of March - when the snow was flying and the temperature was down to minus 15 C at times.  And I finish in a heatwave - temps above 30 C.

I'm so glad it's finished, and I can ask Monsieur Gamache et al to go about their lives without me for a while.  I need, now, to reconnect with my family and friends - and myself.  I think I'll spend the next day or so staring into space - and sleeping.  Feel like a damp cloth...and I think I look like one too.  A dishrag, with bit of food attached.  Exactly like Jane Austen, when she finished a book.

And on that lovely image, I leave you, to take a bath.  And do some laundry.  And become human again.

thank you for your company through it all.  You really are the best!


Linda said...

Thank you, Louise, for bringing us into your life and taking us along with you. Now ...go relax!!

Laura Fry said...

Just finally read my Costco mag with your interview. Nice. :) And I understand totally about being a limp dishrag as I am about to take the files to Staples for my 'book'. Not fiction, but still.... Looking forward to Beautiful Mystery next month (or as soon as I can get my hands on it!) :)
Laura Fry

Barbara said...

What bliss to reach the end of the first draft and look forward to a rest before plunging in again. The first draft is the worst part - now you're coasting. Congratulations!

Jeanine Cronin said...

Congratulations, Louise. This is such good news for all of us, as well! Book number 9 is on it's way! Is there a working title?

Hi to Michael and Trudy.

Jodi said...


And Louise, I saw the perfect dress for your next awards dinner and event.

It's made of gummy bears!!/image/image.png_gen/derivatives/original/image.png

If you get nervous, or the food is bad, you can nibble on the hem.


danielle-momo said...

Bravo Louise, je suis très heureuse pour vous.
Profitez de ce repos bien mérité.

Ticia Shelton said...

Congratulations on your hard work! It's been so fun following your progress and anticipating the new book. Now for a tall, cold glass of lemonade and a rest in the shade!

Anonymous said...

So pleased to know that another volume will follow the one we are currently awaiting. Amazing this ninth volume was crafted in a few short months. Didn't the first one take years? Bravo!

vibrator said...

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