Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Spring in Montreal

sunny, warm, temps 18

We're in Montreal for the day - came in to meet a reporter from Le Devoir, one of the big Quebec papers. Wrote this morning. I wanted to move on to a new chapter, but found myself editing the former one. It's a tricky chapter, lots of stuff, but I don;t it to read like there's a lot there. Want it to zoom along, so you get the info, the character development, the clues, the themes - without even realizing it.

But, we'll see tomorrow. And then move on.

Had fun with the reporter Catherine and the photographer, Anik. We sat on the terrasse on Greene Avenue, chatting and watching the world walk by. I have to say, this is a spectacular city, and so beautiful in spring. Walking over to the bistro, past all the open tulips, with the trees in new bloom, and a sweet scent in the air. so lucky neither Michael nor I have allergies!

It really was a beautiful day.

Except - poor Michael has a cold! Got all the way through fall and winter without one, but come spring and he gets it. It started coming on three days ago, but not bad. We both kept saying how lucky he was - especailly to escape the raw throat (always the worst part of a cold)...then last night, middle of the night, he woke up with a terrible sore throat.

A stretsil and neocitran later and he fell asleep. Today he sounds like an animated character. I thought he'd spend the day in bed, but after breakfast in bed he got up and got to work on his book.

Hope you're all OK. We're watching all the flooding - so stressful. Can't begin to imagine how horrible it would be, to see the water rising. Hope you're not caught up in it.


Colombine said...

C'est si vrai que Montréal est une ville extraordinaire au printemps. Tout s'anime. Les gens sortent, marchent, pédalent, courent. Et tous ces arbres d'un vert tendre tout à coup et qui tantôt, se toucheront au milieu de la rue, c'est magique. J'y suis native et j'y suis revenue depuis 2ans et je ne quitterais plus.

Vive les 4 saisons qui nous permettent d'apprécier encore plus ces p'tits bonheurs :)

Cyndy said...

With all the tragedy in the news the dog-lover in me seized on today's article in the New York Times about dogs serving in the military. But the photo essay WAR DOG at really released me from my dark cloud...When you take a break from your day, think about the amazing quality of loyalty, not only in our dog companions, but our human ones. It is reassuring to think about how we can take care of each other! Feel better, Michael!

Barbara said...

Spring colds are the worst! My husband would be spending the day in his recliner going on and on about how bad he felt. Lucky you that Michael just got up and went about his business. I'm loving the spring blossoms and warm breezes; glad Canada finally woke up to the fact that it's spring.

Barbara said...

Guess my comment probably got lost on Blogger's "day off." I had said spring colds are the worst; they linger on and on. Hope your husband will feel better soon. I haven't been to Montreal in years but when my parents lived in Cornwall, I used to love the city.