Monday, 3 December 2007

He's in our prayers...

Our first winter storm, 20-30 cm snowfall, with high winds, probably -20 with the chill factor.

Louise is on the train home to Montreal and our new flat screen TV as I write. Overnight, the snow fell and the wind whipped. I don't know how snowfall can be measured with all the drifts everywhere, it's packed hard under my car, nothing on top, but I'm sure not going outside to try myself. I'm going to sit by the fire and listen to Baba Brinkman. Baba's a remarkable and highly talented rapper. He's a young man, late 20's, from Vancouver, whom we met at the Brisbane Writers Feastival in Australia in September. He has a CD called The Rap Canterbury Tales. I've just started listening to it and it's fantastic. So this will be a short blog.

I was well fed yesterday. Home-made carrot soup (Tutu), Lasagna (Puni), Canelloni (Alicia) and meringues (Tutu). Such fun to meet up again, get caught up on news, show them our home (under some construction) and eat. I was stuffed, but surprisingly had no trouble eating more of the leftover lasagna and canelloni later.

A parent whose three year old son is battling neuroblastoma kindly sent me two articles about neuroblastoma screening. I wrote him back, mentioning they were about the neuroblastoma screening study my book's about and thanked him for them. He had read quickly and thought Louise was writing about neuroblastoma. She's certainly offering me huge encouragement, sound advice and the voice of experience as I struggle toward my first forty thousand words.

I think my circulating hot chocolate level may need a boost...

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