Friday, 14 December 2007

All Weather, all the Time!

heavy snow, (unexpected), highs minus 2

we were supposed to get maybe 10 centimetres of snow today, ending in the afternoon, but we've already had that and more - and it's just teeming down. Gorgeous! Anthony is here to help put the Christmas tree us. He looks just like Santa - huge white beard. Funny to see him in the living room wrestling with the tree. Now he's outside shoveling and digging out the cars. He was telling us as a boy in the back woods he was responsible for keeping the three woodstoves going. There wasn't any insulation in the house and when he'd wake up he could see his breath. He remembers going to bed as a child with a hot brick, wrapped in a towel, to warm the bed. He loves - absolutely comes alive in - the outdoors. And today is magical. Mild, but lots of stunning snow.

Huge storm forecast for Sunday - up to 40 centimetres. As you see, Canadians, or at least this Canadian, are obssessed with the weather. My favorite channel, aside from HGTV is the Weather Network or Meteo Media in French.

Friends Mike and Dom expected to visit for the weekend, but not sure they'll come down. Tomorrow (Saturday) is supposed to be great - sunny and cold. But with the storm expected Sunday they almost certainly won't make it back to the city, and work Monday morning. I wrote to warn them, and say that as far as I'm concerned, being snowed in is just about the most wonderful thing that can happen. We adore Mike (haven't met Dom yet but hear great things), so our hope is they'll be forced to stay in the guest cottage for the rest of their lives.

Dreamed about Martha Stewart last night. I must be coming down with something. (off white and tasteful, no doubt)

Be safe. Speak to you tomorow from Weather Central.

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